365 Day Photography Project


December 27, 2012; Day 366: Final Post

Snowy Polaroid A Snowy Polaroid

For this final picture I decided to stray from the other 365 digital images that I posted and upload a picture of a polaroid. I took this today outside of my house after we had walked back from getting lunch at a local bakery.

The girl in the picture happens to be my best friend and probably the biggest influence in getting me to finish this project. There was a time a few months ago where I got so behind that I considered dropping the whole task, but when she asked why I had stopped and then told me that looking at the pictures I posted was something she looked forward to doing every morning, I couldn’t let myself stop. And of course I had my family and a couple friends push me to finish, but I don’t think I would have without her.

I’ve learned and grown so much as a photographer throughout this year. I’ve been forced ┬áto go out and use my camera everyday (although I admit I often took a bunch of pictures one day and used the ones I liked for the next couple of days), but not only did I have to post a picture everyday, I had to post one that was different, new, and original. That taught me how to view a photo as a composition and not just a photograph.

I’m extremely glad that I decided to start this blog, and I’m both surprised and happy that I was able to make it to the end. I’m certainly going to feel empty now that I won’t have the constant thought of “what could I post tonight?” bouncing around in my head. I’ve contemplated the idea of starting up a new photo blog, not a 365 project, but something photography based… But who knows?

Thanks to all of my followers, because without all of you I would have had no purpose of posting all of these pictures! Also thanks for putting up with the extreme lag that I had for a couple of months when I got so behind.


Well, I guess this is the end.. Thanks to everyone for supporting me, it’s been quite the journey.



-Austin Curzon; Photographer

December 25, 2012; Day 364

Christmas Ornament 1

Christmas Ornament 2

Christmas Ornament 3

Merry Christmas!!

For today I thought I would post a few of the ornaments that are hanging on my christmas tree this year. I tried to get as much bokeh as I could in the shot (I’m a sucker for some decent bokeh)!


Also, I realize that I only have two posts left (it was a leap year) before I am finished with my year long project. It’s been quite the journey and learning process, and I’ll certainly be sad to end it. Hopefully I’ll be able to take something special for my last post!


December 22, 2012; Day 361

Christmas Tree + Christmas Tree BokehChristmas Tree + Christmas Tree Bokeh

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